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Dr. Cinque's Health Retreat

A Residential Facility for Weight Loss and Health Improvement

Dr. Cinque's Health Retreat provides a superb environment for weight loss and rejuvenation through fasting and healthful living. The Retreat consists of a large comfortable home on 2/3 acre in the pristine oak woodlands 10 miles south of Austin, Texas. The area is quiet, serene and picturesque. The climate and air are excellent, and there are miles of pleasant country roads for walking.

All of the rooms are large and airy and comfortable, with a full-size or queen-size bed. There are no tiny little cramped rooms here. If you are going to be fasting, you need a comfortable space to do it. Every room has phone and television, and there is also a guest lounge with a larger television and lots of movies. The daily room rate includes a checkup with Dr. Cinque every day. Therapeutic massage is also available. Those who wish to slenderize and build health the natural way will find what thay are looking for here.

Dr. Ralph Cinque specializes in conducting therapeutic fasting, which he has been doing professionally since 1976. He is a knowledgeable and experienced fasting supervisor, who worked with Dr. Herbert Shelton at his Health School in San Antonio, Texas.

Fasting is a surprisingly easy way to initiate rapid weight loss, and it can benefit a broad array of health problems. It is also an excellent way to overcome nicotine, caffeine, alcohol and drug addictions. There is no better way to promptly break bad habits and switch to a healthsupporting lifestyle than by fasting.

Our food program at Dr. Cinque's Health Retreat is based upon the realization that eating fresh fruits and vegetables, raw nuts, plus whole grains and legumes, offers the most promise for lifetime thinness and wellness. We offer a wide variety of whole natural plant foods, and we avoid animal products altogether. The beauty of this all-plant diet is that it is delicious and satisfying. It is not ultra-low-fat. Never do we add butter, margarine, or other junk fats to our food, however, we do make use of healthy fats, including nuts, avocado, and extra-virgin olive oil (sparingly). The diet we offer has zero cholesterol. However, we do provide organically grown fruits and vegetables that are a taste treat as well as a blessing to health. Austin has become a center for organic foods, and we have access to the finest produce available year-round.

Dr. Cinque lives at the retreat and personally supervises each guest.

About Blood Tests. . .

Dr. Cinque has full medical laboratory privileges in Austin and can order any blood test that is needed. However, this is done on a descretionary basis, and there is no blanket requirement for blood tests. He respects the fact that some people don't like getting stuck, do not want the added expense, and do not want the bother. However, if blood tests are needed to properly manage your case, he will most certainly recommend them and order them and explain them to you, and this will be discussed upon your arrival. Dr. Cinque has an excellent grasp of blood laboratory analysis and many years of experience.

    Relaxing in the garden
Relaxing in the garden.
Private Rooms
Private rooms.
Breaking the fast.
Daily checkup.
Fig trees.
A guest relaxing.

Address: 305 Verdin Drive, Buda, Texas 78610 .
For driving directions, see Location Map.
For telephone consultations and rates, goto the Rates page.

For comments or questions - call (512)295-4256 or e-mail DoctorCinque@hotmail.com

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Dr. Cinque's Health Retreat
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